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Hardwood floor refinishing means to completely remove floor’s finish and put down a new layer of finish. Refinishing floors can help you to get rid of minor scratches and dents. Once refinished, you make them smooth and pristine without replacing them. This process will bring your hardwood floors back to life, and extend the beauty of your floors for another couple of years.  


Once the hardwood floor is clean and clear, no furniture and all the carpet, pad, tack-strip, staples, and nails have been removed we can get started.

Our machines all have vacuums, but you must have heard false advertisement by other companies, such as “dust-free” but that’s not true. 


We sand the floor with 3-4 grades of different sandpaper. It sounds like a lot but we are sanding off the wood a paper-layer at a time. You don’t want to sand off too much of wood flooring than you have to but you must sand out all of the imperfections.

We sand the hardwood floor to perfection, once it’s very  smooth, then we apply 4 coats of a clear polyurethane. We polish between the coats (screen polish), for smoother finish. 


If you prefer to have the floor stained (any color) once we have the hardwood floor sanded and prepped for stain, we then water pop the flooring that opens the grain of the hardwood floor so that the stain can penetrate and gives the floor a deep rich even color. We let that dry, we then stain the hardwood floor. Once the stain has dried we then start applying the 3 coats of clear polyurethane.   


When refinishing hardwood floors, you need to have the sample colors applied on your floor and with at least one coat of clear finish for much better envisioning the look you will be getting.

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