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Traditional Hardwood Flooring


Traditional Hardwood Flooring has been used by builders for decades. Now days it’s very common for hardwood floorboards to come various shapes, sizes, and colors. Most common has become pre-finished products from the factory. These products come oil, wax, or varnish finishes. Depending on budget, customers also are driven to do raw wood floors for on-site finishing. Hardwood Flooring gives the ability to refinish, provides durability, allergy friendly, easy to maintain, and most importantly adds value to the property. Harwood Flooring enriches the tones, textures, and grainings work together by enhancing the atmosphere of your home. Also, consumers should be advised that Hardwood Flooring is not the best choice for most areas like bathrooms and basements. Moist areas can limit the lifespan of the Harwood Flooring by causing discoloration and warping, in addition; water-damaged boards can build mold and mildew. Good thing about Harwood Floors is that it can be repaired, and refinished couple of times during the lifespan. All Harwood Floors must acclimate prior installation (some Harwood Floors Might Take Up to Two Weeks Prior to Installation). Over decades of EXPERIENCE and PROFESSIONALISM… Floorchain Inc has been respected and trusted flooring company in the greater Los Angeles area.  


Engineered Hardwood Flooring is relatively new in comparison to traditional Hardwood Flooring. Engineered Harwood has some similar futures as solid hardwood, but more flexibility in installation. Engineered Hardwood  Flooring can be installed on various surfaces (concrete, plywood, exiting sub-flooring), on the other side Traditional Harwood Flooring can only be installed (on wood subfloor, or plywood), due to installation process involving  NAIL DOWN. Engineered Hardwood Flooring is available in three different varieties, such as: traditional nail-down, glue-down or click-lock “floating” planks. Engineered Hardwood Flooring can also be repaired and refinished with the difference —Engineered Hardwood Flooring can be refinished fewer times in comparison to Traditional Hardwood Flooring. 

Engineered Hardwood Flooring
Laminate Floors


Laminate Floors are another choice that most consumers make now-days. Laminate Floors are very good solution for both residential and commercial properties. Laminate Floors have become great alternative to hardwood floors for many homeowners and apartment managers. Laminate Floors have established popularity due to the affordable price, durability, and realistic hardwood look. Laminae Floors won’t make you sneeze, doesn't hold dust and dirt “LIKE CARPET.” Laminate Floors require little maintenance, easy to clean. The only downfall is that once damaged, Laminate Floors cannot be refinished. There are TWO types of Laminate Floors, One comes with UNDERLAYMENT, but most common UNDERLAYMENT comes separately.  UNDERLAYMENT serves couple of purposes—barrier between the subfloor and laminate, stop moisture, reduces noise, and plays a roll of insulation. 

Vinyl Flooring


Vinyl Flooring gives you the look of hardwood and the durability of laminate. Vinyl Flooring provides features like waterproofing and scratch resistance. Most of the time Vinyl Flooring can be installed on-top of exiting flooring, and it is very safe to use in damp areas. As it has been proven, Vinyl Flooring is safe for use in areas like KITCHEN and BATHROOMS. If a member of your household uses wheelchair or other mobility devices, LAMINATE or VINYL FLOORS (FLOATING) are out of question. They are likely to shift, especially under rolling loads.  

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